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Hedman Turbo Mufflers

Hedman Mufflers are top of the line, highest quality turbo-style mufflers which can be used as OEM replacements as well as on custom exhaust systems.

These mufflers are specially designed to reduce and control noise without excessively restricting power. Following the Hedman tradition, all Hedman Turbo Mufflers are made from the finest quality materials

Hedman Turbo Mufflers special features are:

  • Galvanized, double wrapped muffler casing for maximum rust protection 
  • Spot welded, louvered baffles to eliminate vibration
  • Spun end caps for gas tight seal
  • Reverse flow so that muffler can be inverted
  • Hedman turbos “Fit Right In”


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Hedman Hedders

Part #: 25560

2" Inlet/Outlet Turbo Muffler 14" Case
Price: $64.49

Part #: 25570

Inlet/Outlet 2 1/4" Turbo Muffler 14" Case
Price: $63.29

Part #: 25580

Inlet/Outlet 2 1/2" Turbo Muffler 14" Case
Price: $63.29