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The Problem- Original equipment rubber bushings can typically give a wandering/uncertain feeling to the vehicle's driver. The vast majority of new factory vehicles are built with "mushy" rubber bushings or grommets, which are a built-in and overly soft buffer between all the suspension components. The result is that the suspension components are thus allowed to "float" excessively. To some,
this makes the vehicle's ride appealing- those who don't care about a higher level of controlled driving and unfortunately don't even know about performance polyurethane and longevity... yet

The Cure- Energy Suspension products are made with the focus on both performance gains and bushing / grommet longevity.
As a result, polyurethane products deliver a longer lasting firm-up effect of the vehicle's suspension components. The controlled vehicle is a pleasure to drive because the correct durometer (not too hard or soft) is carefully selected for the specific application for each component made available is Energy's new, unique and technically advanced chemical formulation for our polyurethane. It's the newest generation of polyurethane that's thoroughly performance tested and race proven. Polyurethane products are available in colors: black and red

Effectively controls transmission torque better than stock units, especially in high-performance applications.
Soft enough to absorb vibrations for street use yet rugged enough for racing. (Commonly used in stock car and drag racing.)
Helps control torque on "heavy" horsepower cars.
Maintains proper drive shaft angle

Shown- model for General Motors vehicles. Also available for Ford Co. and Chrysler Co. vehicles
transmission mounts are the best of both worlds. Soft enough for street use, yet strong enough for racing or off-road use. The mounts for General Motors and Fords have a unique, metal safety locking feature, effectively controlling torque. This feature delivers the extra strength to resist problematic torque forces. Unfortunately, G.M. still is using a rubber version of this mount without a safety locking feature (the same type since 1956). Energy Suspension believe's all ofthere mounts are superior to original factory types. Depending on the vehicle, the G.M. mounts can be used on both automatic transmissions and manual three, four, and five speeds. The interlocking feature of the mount gives added confidence against drive train and chassis/frame damage

Available for many popular front wheel drive vehicles with manual transmissions.
Too many front wheel drive vehicles are breaking their stock torque-limiting motor mounts! If you're heavy-footed, check under the hood. Torn mounts will allow the entire power train to jerk and flop around.
Note the red insert grooves that fit will around the O.E.M. black rubber mounts. They're engineered to handle additional torque and horsepower you may have added to your vehicle AND ADDITIONALLY will restore worn or torn ones

Controls torque, diminishes wheel hop and improves manual transmission shifting.
A must to use with modified motors and if you're heavy footed!
• Protects your existing O.E.M. rubber mounts from tearing.
• Even works with torn O.E.M. mounts.
• Can be removed later for stock running, if so desired.
• Installs in just 5 to 10 minutes on Accords and Civics!


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Energy Suspension

Part #: 3-1115G

Black Short & Wide Engine Mount GM Passenger Cars
Price: $59.38

Part #: 3-1116R

Red Clam Shell Motor Mount Insert GM Passenger Car
Price: $26.36

Part #: 3-1117R

Red Motor Mounts for early GM cars with tall/narrow mount design
Price: $42.41

Part #: 3-1121G

Black Motor Mounts for early to late GM truck/SUV's
3 Hole Design
Price: $29.99

Part #: 3-1128R

Red Engine & Transmission Mount GMC Pickups
Price: $93.34

Part #: 3-1129R

Red Transmission Mounts for GM Truck/SUV
Price: $59.38

Part #: 3-1145G

Black Motor Mount for late GM cars & trucks. Clam Shell Style
Price: $43.60

Part #: 3-1148G

Black LS Motor Conversion Set
Price: $119.86

Part #: 3-1148R

Red LS Motor Conversion Set
Price: $119.86

Part #: 3-1151G

Black Clamshell LS1 Engine Mount Insert
Price: $29.07

Part #: 4-1127R

Red Motor Mounts 1999-04 Mustang 4.6L
Price: $190.96

Part #: 5-1103R

Red Motor Mount Mitsubishi 2.0/2.4L
Price: $20.34

Part #: 5-1106G

Black Motor Mount Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth
Price: $37.31

Part #: 9-11104

8oz. Formula 5 Prelube
Price: $11.63

Part #: 9-13101G

Black Front Tie Rod Dust Boots
Price: $3.64

Part #: 9-13125G

Black Ball Joint Dust Boots Chevy/Olds/Pontiac
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Part #: 9-13125R

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