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V8 Conversion Kits For Jeep

Northern Auto Parts has put together three custom kits for putting a Chevy Small Block motor into your Jeep.  Each kit is made with the right parts you need for your application.  You will save money and time by buying a kit over the individual part numbers instead of buying them individually.

A sample kit is pictured below.

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Part #: EK1818A

V8 Conversion Kit Jeep CJ 72-86 Chevy S/B Auto with Automatic transmission.
Price: $639.99

Part #: EK1818B

V8 Conversion Kit Jeep CJ 72-86 Chevy S/B with Manual transmission.
Price: $599.99

Part #: EK1818C

Jeep Wrangler 1987-1995 Small Block Chevy
Price: $749.99