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Hitachi Enforcer High Performance Starter

The Enforcer starter incorporates everything known about High-performance racing starters. The HITACHI Enforcer starter has 6:1 gear reduction with a permanent magnet-coaxial design, nothing out there tops it. The HITACHI PSL100 Enforcer starter weighs 7½ pounds, making them the one of lightest starters available. Another key leading feature of the HITACHI Enforcer starter is 360° multi-clocking on the mounting block.

The PSL100 (Chevy V8 Small Block) includes ARP High tensile bolts.

The HITACHI Enforcer starters Features

  • 1.4 hp
  • Our No. 1 seller. Small Package-Big Power, conservatively rated. 12 Clocking Positions
  • Allows easy indexing to clear interference issues from header, oil pan, etc. 100% New Assemblies
  • Not Remanufactured or Rebuilt. Fit, Form, Function & Durability guaranteed. QS9000 Certified. Permanent Magnet Technology
  • Less current draw, more compact than conventional gear reduction designs. 7.5 lbs., 7” long
  • 50% lighter than OE. Less weight translates into quicker vehicle times. 6 to 1 Gear Reduction Ratio

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Part #: GD214214-C

Solenoid for PSL100 Hitachi Starter
Price: $22.93

Part #: PSL100

Chevy- V8 S/B Block, V6 AT & MT with 153 or 168 tooth ring gear.
Price: $188.65