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Actron Digital and Analog Multimeters

Actron digital multimeters and analog multimeters offers a number of outstanding, user-friendly digital multimeters and analog multimeters, each designed to serve a particular need or application. Many of Actron multimeters have automotive-specific functions such as tach, dwell, etc. Most multimeter models will also cover common household electrical projects. Check out our line of multimeters to see which product is right for you.

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Part #: CP7672

Ideal for home and shop use. Locate faulty wiring and test electrical components. Pinpoint problem area and determine which components need repair or replacement
Price: $23.21

Part #: CP7674

Economical multitester for home or garage use performs all standard electrical test for on car and bench troubleshooting. Locate faulty wiring, test electrical components, engine sensors, ignition and fuel systems, and starting/charging system voltage. Pinpoint the problem area and determine which component need repair or replacement
Price: $30.50

Part #: CP7848

Pocket Electrical Tester With analog scales and color-coded leads, Tests 5 ranges: DC volts, AC volts, DC current, Ohms, and Decibels
Price: $12.40

Part #: CP7849

The multimeter contains modern components and is protected by a rubber holster case. Features & Benefits: • Measures AC/DC voltage, DC Current, and resistance • Tests 1.5V and 9V batteries • 19 ranges for more accurate measurements • Easy to read large analog meter • Zero adjust for maxiumu accuracy • Protective shock absorbing rubber holster for long life • Color coded test leads with protective caps • Battery operated (1.5V AA battery not included)
Price: $20.34