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Remanufactured Mini Racing Starters

The torque output of a starter is the most important consideration. The starter must be able to spin the engine, and do it without overheating internally One thing to keep in mind is that the torque characteristics of a starter are a function of its design.
High voltage batteries or low internal resistance batteries will affect the kilowatt output of the starter by changing the output speed but not the torque.

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Powermaster X

Part #: 9001X

Chrome mini starter - Hitachi style Fits 153-168 tooth chevy Flywheels 3.7:1 gear, use up to 10:1 compression
Price: $217.10

Part #: 9053X

Hitachi Long body Ford 74 cars & up A/T & 5 spd M/T-74 cars and later Racing Starter 2.0kw Style
Price: $131.10