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Flowmaster Delta Flow Race, Scavenger, 10, 70, & 80 Series

The 70 Series Big Block­ II is designed around a large Flowmaster case for maximum volume and efficiency. The case is two-inches narrower than Flowmaster original Big Block­ muffler, making for easier installation in tight applications. The 70 Series offers a mild mellow exhaust tone and incorporates a Resonant Tuning Chamber for reduced interior sound levels. It is great for tow vehicles and RVs and trucks with dual exhaust.

  • High Performance Applications
  • Late Model Trucks with Single Exhaust and Catalytic Converters
  • Tow Vehicles and RV's

    The 80 Series performance street muffler is specially designed for applications where the muffler must be mounted transversely (crossflow) behind the rear axle, either to match an OE system or for increased ground clearance. The 80 Series is a true crossflow with single or dual inlet/dual outlet configurations and produces an aggressive muscle car sound.

    • Crossflow Applications
    • 1982-2001 Camaro and Firebirds (V-8 Applications Only)
    • Buick Grand Nationals and T-Types
    • Street Rods and Whenever Ground Clearance is an Issue

    Scavenger Series Direct to header applications, The Scavenger Series,­ which features Flowmaster's patented Delta Flow technology, is designed to mate directly to the exhaust header primary tubes, replacing the collector on sprint cars only. It can be used to retrofit existing race headers or used as the collector for custom fabricated race headers. It is ideal for limited space applications on race cars requiring mufflers for sound reduction. Scavenger turndowns attach directly to the Scavenger Series­ race mufflers and are highly recommended for even greater sound reduction.

    NOTE: Due to varying conditions these mufflers may or may not meet all sound level requirements.



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    Part #: 325108

    10 Series Delta Force Race Muffler, 2.50" IN (C) / OUT (C) Low Profile Mufflers
    Price: $98.10

    Part #: 42583

    1982-92 Chevy Camaro/Pontiac Firebird V-8 Only. 2.50" IN (O) / OUT (D)
    Price: $126.66

    Part #: 524703

    70 Series Big Block II Muffler, 2.25" IN (D) / 3"OUT (D
    Price: $165.42

    Part #: 524704

    70 Series Big Block II Muffler, 2.25" IN (Dual) / 2.25"OUT (Dual)
    Price: $165.42

    Part #: 530702

    70 Series Big Block II Muffler, 3.00" IN (C) / 2.50" OUT (D)
    Price: $165.42

    Part #: 53071

    70 Series Big Block II Muffler, 3.00" IN (O) / OUT (C): each
    Price: $165.42

    Part #: 9430109

    10 Series Delta Force Race Muffler, 2.50" IN (C) / OUT (C) Low Profile Mufflers
    Price: $102.70