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Stones for Nikasil Cylinders

These special stones are designed for honing Nikasil plated cylinder found on some ATV's, motorcycles, snowmobiles, waverunners and other small cylinders. Use with a Lisle 15000 or 16000 Hone to clean and hone the cylinder and produce a crosshatch pattern on the cylinder wall. The blended stone grit is less abrasive to protect the Nikasil cylinder wall. Each stone set includes 2 stones and 2 wipers.

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Part #: 15740

180 Grit Nikasil Cylinders only Range 2.75" - 3.75" fit rack set part number 15550 only
Price: $15.99

Part #: 16590

Range 2.35" - 2.75" made for Nikasil Cylinders fits 16000 Small Cylinder Hone only
Price: $14.99