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Bully Dog Diesel tuning

The Torque Dog 01 is Bully Dogs latest plug-in module for the Dodge Cummins 24 valve engine. The Torque Dog plugs into the data port link and the boost sensor for the 2001 24 valve engines. The Torque Dog is now adjustable on-the-fly with a Stock, 30 & 65 additional horsepower settings. Bully Dog offers on-the-fly adjust-ability. Simple installation, installs in less than 30 minutes

The Power Hound has no competition, it offers the smoothest shift and the highest horsepower out on the market. Our engineers have fine-tuned this module to make the 6.0L run like a dream. Bully Dog continues to have the lowest exhaust temperatures in the industry, including on the 6.0L. However, we still recommend that a pyrometer gauge be installed because of the 6.0L runs high exhaust temperatures even in stock mode

The Power Pup Downloader is for Those Looking for Power for Towing, Performance or for the Extreme Driver Looking to Improve Their Time in the Quarter Mile!

The Dyno Dominator is Ideal for the Extreme User, Horsepower Enthusiast!

Outlook Monitor is a Sleek In Cab Monitor Featuring Advanced High Tech Performance Like No Other Product On the Market!

Read disclaimer before installation

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Bully Dog

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Rapid Power Duramax LLY 04-05 The Rapid Power is a performance module that was engineered and designed with performance and towing safety as the #1 feature.
Price: $601.78

Part #: disclaimer

Remember this is a performance product use at your own risk.
This product is not intended to be used to break any law.
It is necessary to remove the unit before taking your vehicle to the dealer for service, as it may interfere with the diagnostic equipment.
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