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Intake Manifolds, High Flo TPI by Edelbrock

TPI owners can now breathe easier with the introduction of our new High-Flo TPI base. This new intake allows any engine to run the free flowing heads, aluminum Fast Burn heads, or take advantage of the superior flow characteristics of our E-Tec series heads while still using the factory or aftermarket TPI system. It's compatible with all current OEM and aftermarket equipment, including the stock EGR valve, while still allowing the TPI engine to jump to the next level in performance. Match with High-Flo T.P.I.

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Part #: 3817

Chevrolet 262-400 Small-Block V8 HIGH-FLO T.P.I. VORTEC BASEPLATE
Price: $535.97

Part #: 3865

Chevrolet 262-400 SB (1985-88 engines) V8 HIGH-FLO T.P.I. RUNNERS
Price: $558.44

Part #: 3870

Chevrolet 262-400 SB (1989 and later engines) V8 HIGH-FLO T.P.I. RUNNERS
Price: $469.97