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Hastings Piston Rings

When Hastings introduced the revolutionary Flex-Vent® oil ring to the world in 1956, a new era in automotive engine technology began. Today, other manufacturers attempt to duplicate our original patented design, but with a 36-year head start, Hastings has perfected the oil ring development process beyond approach. The Hastings Flex-Vent® oil ring has become the international standard in low friction, high efficiency engines - unmatched in quality and performance.

Hastings offers the broadest selection of moly, chrome, and cast-iron barrel-faced compression rings in the industry, assuring a proper ring set for every application. Hastings compression rings, together with the Flex-Vent® oil ring, provide the ultimate in piston ring set performance.

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Part #: 139

Hastings Piston Ring 4" Bore Cast Rings, Chevy/Ford/Chrysler/AMC 8 Cylinder Ring Set
Price: $18.92
Part #: 2M139

Piston Ring 4" Bored Moly Coated Rings Chevy/Ford/Chrysler/AMC 8 Cylinder Ring Set
Price: $30.99