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Speed Pro Camshafts for Oldsmobile V8

Speed Pro performance cams for Oldsmobile V8

Hydraulic Lifter Performance Camshafts Features:
Cams available in hundreds of grinds to meet any need, daily driver, RV or racing.
Precision ground to exact specs in heat-treated cast iron.
Quiet reliable operation without needing frequent adjustment.

Muscle Car Camshafts Features:
Original profiles for many popular muscle cars.
They install, perform and sound "just the way you remembered"

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Federal Mogul Camshafts

Part #: CS1022R

Basic Rpm: 2000-4500, Adv Dur. Int/Exh: 288/298, Dur @ .050 Int/Exh: 241/224, Lobe Sep. 112, Valve Lift Int/Exh: 443/465
Price: $105.84

Part #: CS1023R

2000-4500 RPM Range, 290 intake/300 exhaust Adv Dur, Duration @.050 214 intake/224 exhaust, Valve Lift .472 intake/.496 exhaust, Lobe C/L 112.
Price: $129.09

Part #: CS1024R

1500-4000 RPM Range, 280 intake/290 exhaust Adv Dur, Duration @.050 204 intake/214 exhaust, Valve Lift .448 intake/.472 exhaust, Lobe C/L 112
Price: $107.90

Part #: CS176R

3000-6200 RPM Range, 322 intake/322 exhaust Adv Dur, Duration @.050 232 intake/232 exhaust, Valve Lift .474 intake/.474 exhaust, Lobe C/L 113
Price: $152.51

Part #: CS198R

2500-5500 RPM Range, 300 intake/310 exhaust Adv Dur, Duration @.050 224 intake/234 exhaust, Valve Lift .496 intake/.520 exhaust, Lobe C/L 112.
Price: $155.76