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Fuel Rails - PowerFlow Fuel Rail Kits

Professional Products PowerFlow Fuel Rail Kits are provided in two configurations for most applications.

The basic Fuel Rails kit consists of the rails, mounting brackets, hardware and basic fittings.

The complete Fuel Rail Kit has these same parts plus they include additional fittings, a crossover connection AN stainless braided hose assembly, and fittings for stock inlet and return lines. For systems incorporating a return line, the complete kit also includes a Professional Products Powerflow Fuel Pressure Regulator.

The complete kits usually supply everything you need for your installation. If you are swapping a returnless system into an older vehicle, you can convert it to a return style with an external regulator and return line to the fuel tank.

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Professional Products

Part #: 10600

Contains Rails and Mounting Hardware
Price: $78.81

Part #: 10601

1986-'93 5.0L V8 Mustang Complete Fuel Rail Kit
Price: $231.40