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Professional Products - AirFlo Air Cleaner Insert

Professional Products - AirFlo Air Cleaner Insert is the easiest and lest expensive horsepower you will ever buy

It really does increase power

To date two separate dyno tests have been run with the Airflo insert in two different dyno facilities and on two different engines. On one test Professional Products used a Demon carburetor and were getting increases of 7 horsepower. The second test used a Holley carb and Professional Products got an increases of 10 hp. The second was on a 600 hp racing engine and the 10 hp gain was comparing the Airflo in a conventional street type air cleaner to a tall racing air cleaner without the Airflo. Users report improved throttle response and an increase in fuel economy as well.

How does the Airflo work?

The incoming air on a round air cleaner is drawn in through the outer diameter of the air cleaner by engine vacuum. As this air rushes towards the center of the air cleaner it collides with itself creating turbulence. This turbulence slows down the entry of the incoming air into the carburetor just enough to affect the power output of the engine. The AIRFLO simply provides a smooth transition from the perimeter of the air cleaner down into the carburetor venturis. By eliminating the turbulence, it actually helps get more air into the engine. More air draws in more fuel from the carburetor and more air and fuel means more horsepower.

Installing the Airflo

Simply remove your air cleaner top, determine if you need to use any of the supplied spacers to fit your air cleaner, drop the various elements of the AIRFLO down over the center stud, put the air cleaner top back on, and you are done. It's just that easy. (On models with a choke tower and a very low air cleaner, you may have to align the top piece with the carb.)

Parts included with Airflo.

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Professional Products

Part #: 20001

Works with Holley and Demon 4-bbls with-out a choke horn (tower)
Price: $27.57

Part #: 20003

Works with Holley 4-bbls with a choke horn (tower)
Price: $27.57

Part #: 20004

Works with Demon 4-bbls with a choke horn (tower)
Price: $27.57