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Super Hurricane 57-'95 SB Chevy V8 Racing Manifold

SUPER HURRICANE 57-'95 SB Chevy V8 Racing Manifold This manifold features a much larger plenum and larger runners than the Hurricane.This manifold is designed for use on very large inch small block Chevy engines (420 cid plus) on gas or alcohol or on smaller engines running on alcohol.

The Super Hurricane is capable of being ported out to a Fel-Pro #1207 intake gasket. It also comes in a version with machined injector bosses. If used as a fuel injection manifold, it can be utilized on any size engine because when moving only air through the manifold, the larger plenum and runners are not detrimental on a small inch engine.


When used with a carburetor, we do not recommend using this manifold on a gas engine under 420 cid or on an alcohol engine under 350 cid. Dyno tests have shown that this manifold on a 360 cid alcohol engine will outperform a Super Victor from 5,200 rpm to 7,200 rpm and uses less fuel while making more power. This manifold is also much less expensive than others.

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Part #: 10608

For use with Professional Products Manifolds 52038 and 52039 This kit is designed primarily to be used on Professional Products intake manifolds 52038 and 52039.
Price: $231.40

Part #: 52039

Super Hurricane 57-95 SB Chevy V8 Racing Manifold w/ Machined Injector Ports
Price: $261.80