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Powermaster Ford Starters

Ford Powermaster Starters offer several different styles of starters which have different torque ratings. from 160 foot pounds to 200 foot pounds of torgue. Listed below, is the family of starters listed from lowest to highest torque output, in descending order.

160-Foot Pound

choice for everyday
drivers that has stock
compression and timing.

Adjustable mounting block
Recommended for 10:1 Compression
Weight range, 8.5-11lbs.
Clears MOST headers
Works with most oversize kickout oil pans

180-Foot Pound

MasterTorque-Excellent choice for mild race or high performance street applications where heat soak is the main concern.

4.4:1 Gear reduction
Recommended for 12:1 Compression
Clears Most oil pans & headers
No heat soak problems
Adjustable mounting block (ex.9613 Mopar)
Weighs 10.5 lbs.

200-Foot Pound
XS Torque

XS TORQUE-THE choice for highly modified engines or where heat soak or space limitation is a concern (street rods or street machines with close header clearance).

4.4:1 Gear reduction
No heat soak problems
Recommended for 18:1 Compression
Machined aluminum adapter block
Clears MOST oil pans and headers
Very high efficiency rating
Weighs 8.5 lbs

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Part #: 9162

Ford SB 289, 302, 351 W&C A/T & 5 sp M/T (3/4” Offset**) 160 ft.lb
Price: $149.00

Part #: 9503

Ford 289-302-351W A/T & 5-speed M/T (3/4” Offset)* 200-Foot Pound Powermaster XS
Price: $229.00

Part #: 9603

Ford 289-302-351W A/T & 5-speed M/T (3/4” Offset)* 180-Foot Pound
Price: $225.65