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Wolo Electric Emergency Sirens

Wolo Electric Emergency Sirens, Northern Auto Parts is now The Volunteer Firefighters number one source for for Emergency Sirens and Emergency Lighting or vehicle mounted Emergency lights

4000 ALERT ™ is a 12-volt, powerful 50-watt electronic siren that has three different functional siren sounds

FA MOTOR DRIVEN SIREN, Due to popular demand, Wolo has brought bring back

365 / The Enforcer One touch of the keyboard sounds your choice of three (3) different emergency sirens

4001: ALERT™ three tone siren amplifier

4002 is a 100-watt RMS speaker that
works with most electronic sirens

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Part #: 365

The Enforcer Electric Siren and Air Horn
Price: $39.54

Part #: 4000

Model 4000 Alert 12 Volt 50 Watt
Price: $230.10

Part #: 4001

Model 4001 Three Tone Siren Amplifier
Price: $214.90

Part #: 4002

100 Watt RMS Speaker
Price: $111.61