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Deka Battery Tools. When you need battery tools, turn to the experts at Deka making battery tools since 1946

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Part #: 00198

Deka Battery Tester with Dial Indicator. The dial indicates battery charge and specific gravity Features a permanent instructions on back of each tester
Price: $3.68

Part #: 00199

Deka Standard Float Type Hydrometer with large size float type tester. The float is color-coded. This is a commercial tester with a glass tube
Price: $3.68

Part #: 00254

Deka Battery Post and Terminal Cleaner. Cleans SAE top posts and matching cable connections. this is the best Post and Terminal Cleaner of its type!
Price: $1.96

Part #: 00257

This is a 6 oz. filler with 6" spout
Price: $2.99

Part #: 00682

Deka 3-Way Cleaning & Cutting Tool #00682
Price: $3.99

Part #: 08861

Side Terminal Battery Wrench Combination Top/Side Wrench - 08861 Fits OE top strap terminal bolts (10 mm) plus this East Penn Deka 08861 Fits side terminal bolts (5/16 in.) and has a cool ratchet action for both side & top terminals
Price: $4.88