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Anchortrax-Payload Securing Device

Anchortrax-Payload Securing Device is perfect for securing cargo, ATV’s / motorcycles, dog boxes, and furniture in the bed of a pick-up truck or utility trailer.

The Anchortrax-Payload Securing Device will actually strengthen the bed rail of a truck and installs easily with just two small holes.

The AnchorTrax # 3375 track system includes (2) 12” long track Sections, (2) heavy-duty anchors (Sliding Loop), (2) Aluminum Backing Plates, and mounting bolts. Countersunk holes are provided to eliminate unusable tie-down positions.

The AnchorTrax # 3976 Universal Anchortrax 6 Ft Truck Bed Kit includes (2) 6 Ft Track Sections (4) heavy-duty anchors/Sliding Loops (16) S/S Tapered Screws & Nuts (10) Aluminum Backing Plates


  • Constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum 
  • Provides a 3000 lb. break strength and 1000 lb. working load limit 
  • The Black ones have powder-coated finish for durability and good looks 
  • Each track provides several tie-down points

The Chopper Project

AnchorTrax is universal in design, to work anywhere on trailers and pick-up trucks for securing payloads.

AnchorTrax Is Easy to install

1. Locate position to mount the track.

2. Use the package template to drill two 9/32" holes for the mounting screws.

3. Put mounting screws through track, tapered drilled holes, and into back plate.

4. Place locking nuts on screws. Tighten mounting screws with 5/32" Allen wrench

5. Attach ring to track at desired position.

6. You are now ready to attach tie-downs to the ring.

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Mr Gasket

Part #: 3370

Anchortrax single sliding loop
Price: $4.24

Part #: 3375

The AnchorTrax .5” high by 1.25” wide track system includes one pair of 12” long tracks, two heavy-duty anchors, and mounting bolts. Countersunk holes are provided to eliminate unusable tie-down positions
Price: $29.84