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Continental Super Hi-Miler Kits

In the past, silicone was the only alternative for the vehicle owner concerned with high engine temperatures. Now, the blue Continental Super Hi-Miler Kits provides superior performance over standard EPDM coolant hose at a substantially lower cost than silicone.

Passenger cars and light trucks usually operate at temperatures of 180-220 degrees. High-speed travel, high outside temperatures and continuous idling can cause temperatures to rise above 325 degrees, placing additional stress on a vehicle's coolant hose. .

Super Hi-Miler® Hose

Super Hi Temp, Black EPDM Tube

  • Resists cracking from ozone and other causes
  • Retains flexibility in all normal driving temperature conditions
  • Reduces cold weather leaks

 Nomex* Knit Reinforcement

  • Provides greater flexibility and burst strength
  • Unaffected by Ethylene Glycol/water mixture
    * Nomex is a registered trademark of E.I. DuPont Nemours Co.

Super Hi Temp, Blue EPDM Cover

  • Blue color identifies premium hose for ease of maintenance
  • Withstands high engine and ambient temperatures
  • Resists cuts and abrasions from road debris
  • Doesn’t require special clamps
  • Resists cracking from ozone

With Continental 's Super Hi-Miler Kits, miles of worry-free service help you stay cool while you're cruising! Continental offers Super Hi-Miler Hose Kits engineered to fit the popular applications listed here. All hoses have been checked to ensure proper fit on your car or truck


Each Super Hi-Miler Kit contains all the elements you need to replace the hose on your vehicle’s cooling system.

  • Super Hi-Miler Upper Radiator Hose
  • Super Hi-Miler Lower Radiator Hose
  • Super Hi-Miler By-Pass Hose, if necessary
  • Super Hi-Miler Formed Heater Hose or Hi-Miler Straight Heater Hose (aramid reinforcement)


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Continental Elite

Part #: 5019

Fits 2003-2005 Chrysler SRT-4 Turbo 2.4L
Price: $44.58

Part #: 5020

Fits 2000-2006 Jeep Wrangler 4.0
Price: $46.82