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BedRug MAT for Spray-On Liners for Dodge Trucks

Find The Bed Rug For your Vehicle!

BedRug MAT for Spray-On's for Dodge Trucks a Luxurious yet durable mat for your truck bed and/or tailgate

  • Soft polypropylene surface has the look and feel of carpet with extreme durability
  • Withstands gas and chemical spills, easy hose-off cleaning
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Available for beds with drop-in liners or spray-on liners
  • Quick installation and removal
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The BedRug Mat is the ultimate combination of durable truck bed protection and luxury look and feel.

The  BedRug Mat provides a soft, pliable surface to pamper your cargo, yet the BedRug Mat also stands up to the harshest abuse to keep your truck bed floor safe. Select the BedRug Mat to protect your bed floor, and add the BedRug Mat Tailgate Cover to protect the inside of your tailgate as well.


The BedRug Mat is a soft truck bed mat that looks and feels like carpet. It keeps your gear from shifting on the road far better than hard drop-in or spray-on liners. The BedRug Mat is so soft you can use it as a seat for tailgating or even sleep on it!

Despite BedRug Mat softness and luxurious looks, the BedRug Mat is one of the toughest bed floor liners on the market. It is molded from closed-cell polypropylene plastic, which is soft yet super durable. This material will not scratch the bed, nor will the BedRug Mat absorb water, gasoline, or other chemicals.

Cleaning the BedRug Mat is as simple as hosing or power-washing it off. It is also impact-resistant, so the BedRug Mat will protect your truck bed from dents and scratches from even the most harsh, heavy loads.

The BedRug Mat is designed to sit on top of a plastic drop-in liner or spray-on liner. The BedRug Mat is custom-molded to fit the curves and ridges of your exact make, model, and year truck for a perfect fit. Installation is extremely quick and removing the BedRug Mat takes only seconds. It is perfect for preserving your truck bed if you are planning on trading in your truck.



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Part #: BMK00QCS

Dodge Dakota Quad Cap 5' foot 3" inch bed 2000 +, BedRug for Spray Ons.
Price: $157.01

Part #: BMK86SBS

Dodge Dakota Short Bed 6' foot 6" inch bed 1986 +, BedRug for Spray Ons
Price: $131.10

Part #: BMT02LBS

Dodge Ram Reg. & Quad Cab Long Bed 8' foot bed 2002-2008, BedRug the ultimate in truck bed protection. BedRug for Spray Ons.
Price: $159.00

Part #: BMT02SBS

Dodge Ram Reg. & Quad Cab Short Bed 6' foot 3" inch bed 2002-2008 BedRug the ultimate in truck bed protection. BedRug for Spray Ons.
Price: $159.00

Part #: BMT09CCS

Dodge Ram Crew Cab 09 with a 5 foot and 7 inch bed BedRug MAT for Spray-Ons
Price: $159.00