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Wirthco Battery Switches & Battery Isolator Switches

Battery isolator switches from Wirthco instantly control the connection or disconnection of battery power with either a turn of a key or knob. Emergency battery isolator switches are also available

Mounting of all battery switches is easily accessible and convenient for use in many applications including industrial, agricultural, and automotive.

Use Wirthco’s waterproof master switches in marine applications or any environment requiring a durable or heavy duty battery isolator switch.

 Rear or front panel mounting is an option on some battery switch units with flanges.

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Part #: 20251

Quick Release Cable Clamp Bolts Replaces standard 5/16" bolts on cable clamps used on most top post batteries. Cam lever action tightens and loosens bolts without tools
Price: $10.66

Part #: 20256-7

Emergency Push Button Battery Isolator Switch. With a simple Twist to connect…push to disconnect! This allows electrical circuit of vehicle to be killed with push of button
Price: $119.90

Part #: 20257-7

Fixed Handle Battery Isolator Switch with a simple “Turn to connect…turn back to disconnect! This allows electrical circuit to be switched on and off with a turn of the handle
Price: $87.10

Part #: 20259-7

Heavy Duty Switch the removable key turns 90° to instantly connect or disconnect the battery. Key is captive in “on” position and removable in “off” position. Weather-resistant cover included
Price: $90.14

Part #: 20304-7

Master Battery Isolator Switch, that is rated at 100 Amps at a continuous at 12 volts
Price: $29.34

Part #: 20314

50 amps continuous, 500 amps surge, at 24 volts. 21/4" diam. x 21/2" deep (11/4" deep behind panel). Two 3/16" diam. mounting holes.
Price: $20.24