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Hays Street/Strip Clutch Discs

Hays Street/Strip Clutch Discs is a performance clutch disc that is engineered specifically for high horsepower street vehicles in addition to occasional dragstrip use.

Hays Street/Strip Clutch Discs are manufactured with premium quality, high burst strength woven lining to withstand heat and higher engine RPM, and riveted to a Marcel* backing and heavy-duty sprung hub assembly to allow smooth engagement and steady torque transfer without chatter.
* Marcel - A crimped plate between the friction materials that acts as a shock absorber.

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Part #: 40-104

Hays Disc Number 40-104 has a Diameter of 10.5 inches and has a 1"-23 Spline
Price: $156.88

Part #: 40-107

Hays Disc Number 40-107 has a Diameter of 10.5 inches and has a 1.0625 x 10 spline (1-1/16 x 10 spline)
Price: $156.88

Part #: 40-160

Hays Street Strip Disc 40-160 fits Mustang 11" diameter with 1-1/16 x 10 spline applications. (1.0625" x 10 spline)
Price: $195.57

Part #: 40-205

Hays Disc Number 40-205 has a Diameter of 11 inches and has a 1 x 23 spline
Price: $157.09