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Water Pumps, Chrysler by Proform

Chrysler Small-Block Electric Water Pump Eliminates unnecessary weight and impeller-drag experienced at high RPM, pumps up to 35+ gallons of water per minute, and delivers the cooling that can makeProform Electric Water Pump the difference between a win and second place!  Durable, but light-weight aluminum, epoxy powder coated for corrosion resistance, and can be used for street use.  Fitting for water pump included.

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Part #: 66219

Chrysler Fits B, RB, and Hemi Engines
Price: $185.78

Part #: 68232C

Chrysler S/B Aluminum Electric Water Pump Chrome. Draws 6 amps
Price: $215.37

Part #: 68232P

Chrysler S/B Aluminum Electric Water Pump Polished. Draws 6 amps.
Price: $174.99