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In the past, carburetor-to-EFI conversion was no picnic. At the very least, you would need a laptop and significant tuning experience. But thanks to FAST™ engineers, those days are over. With the new EZ-EFI® Self Tuning Fuel Injection System, you get patent-pending EFI technology that does all the work for you. Simply hook it up, answer the basic setup Wizard questions on the included hand-held display, and the system tunes itself as you drive!

Includes Everything You Need To Install EFI® In Only Hours  
The new EZ-EFI® Self Tuning Fuel Injection System provides you with the complete EFI package, including the ECU, wide-band O2 sensor, wiring harness, fuel injectors, an optional fuel pump kit and other assorted components, including the innovative 4150 Throttle Body from FAST™. This cast throttle body gives you the total package for your existing 4150-type manifold and comes with everything, including the appropriate fuel injectors and fuel rails.

For more aggressive applications, the EZ-EFI® Dual Quad Upgrade Kit is capable of supporting 1000+ horsepower engines with dual quad carburetor-type manifolds. In addition, the Multi-Port Retro-Fit EZ-EFI® allows owners of multi-port fuel injected applications to experience the benefits of EFI with no limit on horsepower because the system is based on each customer's supplied injectors.

Works On Your Engine – No Manifold Or Extra Parts Needed
Regardless of your brand or size, this system bolts-on easily to any carbureted engine with up to 600 horsepower – NO manifold replacement needed. In addition to matching any carbureted manifold, the EZ-EFI® Self Tuning Fuel Injection System also works with your original carbstyle throttle linkage and is ready to accept all OEM sensors. The EZ-EFI® can be installed easily in an afternoon and is a "must have" for your street rod or muscle car.

  • Self-tuning system — NO tuning experience or laptop needed
  • Complete system includes mini ECU, wide-band O2 sensor, wiring harness, injectors, fuel pump kit & 4150 throttle body
  • 4150 throttle body works with original carb-style linkage & accepts all OEM sensors
  • Bolts on to any engine under 600 hp, regardless of brand or size; the perfect choice for street rods & muscle cars
  • Easy-to-use setup Wizard provides a comprehensive walk-through & system tunes itself


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Part #: 302000

Includes: Self Tuning ECU, Wideband oxygen sensor (with fitting and plug) Handheld user interface, Tach adapter, Multi-Port wiring harness
Price: $865.99

Part #: 30226-KIT

The FAST® 4150 Throttle Body delivers the total package approach for anyone with an existing 4150-type intake manifold. Everything comes with the kit, including appropriate fuel injectors and fuel rails.
Price: $1,714.99

Part #: 30227-KIT

Master Kit includes everything in the Base Kit (30226-kit) PLUS the EZ-EFI® 600HP Fuel Pump Kit(Part # 307503) and the EZ-EFI® Fuel Pump Hose & Fitting Kit (Part # 307600)
Price: $2,093.99

Part #: 30295-KIT

Jeep 4.2 Kit with Inline Fuel Pump Kit
Price: $1,630.99

Part #: 304155

Dual Quad Upgrade Kit must be used in conjunction with an original FAST™ EZ-EFI® Self Tuning Fuel Injection Kit, part #30226-KIT or #30227-KIT
Price: $865.99

Part #: 30447-KIT

The EZ-EFI® Master Kit with In-Tank Fuel System features all the benefits of the original EZ-EFI® Master Kit, but also comes with everything needed to install an in-tank fuel system.
Price: $2,255.99