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TransGo No YoYo Transmission Shift Kits Fix the problems that cause transmission failure

Trans Go's shift kits give you the shifts you want, after just a few hours' work with basic hand tools. TransGo even has kits for computer-controlled 4-speed automatics.
Most all Trans Go No YoYo Transmission Shift Kits can be installed with the transmission in the vehicle, and they come with complete instructions.

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TransGo No YoYo

Part #: R12100B

Additional Parts for Chrysler A518
Price: $3.56

Part #: T22165

Shift Kit TF 6 (A904) Rear Drive Aluminum Torqueflite, 66-UP 3 Speed
Price: $27.99

Part #: T92165

604/41TE, 606/42LE 88-up & 42RLE Beautiful Shifts
Price: $32.99

Part #: TSK22950E-4

Additional parts for Chrysler TF8 (A727) Only 62-70
Price: $9.99