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Sealed Power Plastigage

  • Clearance measuring tool
  • Flattens precisely to give a quick and accurate way to check Main and Rod bearing clearances
  • Specially formulated oil soluble plastic material
Sealed Power Plastigage is simple but useful.  It comes in different thicknesses and is nothing more than a plastic thread that flattens out when compressed. The wrapper comes with a scale which shows how flat it is, therefore, how much clearance you have between mating parts such as bearings.

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Sealed Power Bearings

Part #: SPB1

Measuring .004 to .009 Clearances- 12" length
Price: $1.99

Part #: SPG1

Measuring .001 to .003 Clearances 12" Length
Price: $1.99

Part #: SPR1

Measuring .002 to .006 Clearances
Price: $1.99

Part #: SPY1

Measures .009 to .020 Clearances 12" Length
Price: $2.04