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Continental Poly-V Belts

  • Quiet Channel Technology: Advanced materials virtually eliminate the usual noise caused by serpentine belt misalignment.
  • Greater Wear Resistance: High strength materials maintain tension integrity during belt service life.
  • Exceptional Belt Life: Advanced materials create a more flexible and cooler running belt, greatly extending the serpentine belt life.
  • SAE Specifications: SAE J1459

Gatorback Belt Tensioning Systems

OE Form, Fit and Function. That’s what a Gatorback® Belt Tensioning System is designed to match, so you can be sure it will install – and perform – as well as the OE tensioner. Plus our Gatorback line is engineered for approximately 80% of the world’s vehicles so you can count on great coverage.

  • Maintains its correct alignment to the belt
  • Automatically maintains correct accessory belt tension
  • Automatically dampens normal accessory system vibrations
  • Eliminates need to adjust / re-tension belts
  • Prevents belt slip (noise / excessive belt wear)
  • Optimizes belt life

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