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Continental Radiator Hoses

Continental has different types of radiator hoses that are ready to fit vehicle applications.

Molded Radiator Hose
Continental's molded hose is preshaped for specific applications and constructed to original equipment manufacturers' specifications.

Flexible Radiator Hose
Designed for radiator hose applications where a molded radiator hose is not available

HI-MILER® Straight Radiator Hose
Designed for heavy duty and fleet service on trucks, buses and off-road equipment.

Standard Straight Radiator Hose
Designed for common coolants and straight, coolant connections in automotive and industrial applications.

Wire Reinforced Radiator Hose
Designed with enhanced flexibility in "straight" coolant connection applications. A helical steel wire prevents hose collapse under vacuum situations.

Heavy Duty Straight Radiator Hose
Designed with an extra heavy carcass to be used for automotive coolants and straight connections under severe conditions most likely seen with construction and off-road vehicle applications.

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