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GB Remanufacturing IPR Valve Ford 7.3L Diesel Power Stroke

The IPR Valve, also known as Injection Pressure Regular Valve,  is a by-pass valve that controls the high oil pressure depending on the demand.

The PCM controls the high pressure oil system by varying the duty cycle of the IPR. The IPR controls the oil bypass circuit of the high pressure pump. 0%=full return to sump (open valve), 100%=full flow to injectors (closed valve). The PCM monitors the system with the ICP input. The PCM can control fuel delivery to the injectors by increasing the IPR duty cycle which increases fuel pressure through the injector nozzles.

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GB Remanufacturing

Part #: 522-007

With Edge Filter
Price: $205.10

Part #: 522-008

Without Edge Filter
Price: $199.95