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Everything GM 5.3 Active Fuel Management
Part #: 03413B

Dorman's Exhaust Manifold Hardware Kit provides you with the proper studs, bolts, and nuts for replacing your manifold. Save time and energy by having the right hardware on hand when you need it.

Price: $9.10

Part #: 220-1123

Head bolt Set for 5.3 AFM - 1 required per Engine
Price: $42.51

Part #: 917-139

Balancer Bolt 917-139 Dorman LS Engine
Price: $5.58

Part #: 917-143

Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Filter

The Engine Oil Pressure Sensor filter is designed to filter debris and other harmful containments from entering the vehicle's engine oil. For an extended servi...
Price: $5.56

Part #: 917-162

The Cylinder Deactivation (CD) Manifold is re-engineered to address failure points found in the original OE design. The CD Manifold manages the cylinder deactivation function for optimized fuel econom...
Price: $199.95

Part #: GM5.3AFM

2007 - 2014 Active Fuel Management Kit
Price: $324.34
Part #: GM5.3AFM-1

2005 - 2011  Active Fuel management Engines Only  5.3L

Full set of Lifters (including AFM lifters)
Valve Grind Gasket Set 
New Head Bolts

AFM lifters fail...
Price: $420.99
Part #: GM5.3AFM-D

AFM delete Kit for 5.3 Engines with vin code o, 3 , j

Non AFM camshaft
Set of 16 Roller Lifters
New Head Bolts
New Lifter Trays
New Crankshaft Bolt (TTY)
Price: $564.99

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Part #: GM5.3AFMG

This kit includes a full set (4) of lifter guides for the GM Active Fuel Management engines.
Other items available from Northern Auto Parts:

AFM Lifters
Deactivation Manifold
Price: $39.99

Part #: GM5.3AFM-LK

2005 - 2011  Active Fuel management Engines Only 5.3L
Now Available Again!

Full set of Lifters for the AFM applications!

Important information Bulletin concerning this a...
Price: $247.99
Part #: GM5.3AFMPR

2007 - 2017  Active Fuel management Engines Only 5.3L. 6.0L. 6.2L

Full set of Lifters (including AFM Lifters)
New lifter guides.
Valve Grind Gasket Set
Price: $346.39

Part #: GM5.3AFMVL-PR

New Combo Kit from Northern Auto Parts
These items fit 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L and 6.2L applications.  For use on NON AFM applications.   
Kit Includes:

New Stock Replacement Push Rod...
Price: $269.99

Part #: HS26190PT-2

Head Set fits LS engines 5.3 with AFM.   Call or check compatibility for your application.
About Fel-Pro:
Federal-Mogul's Fel-Pro brand isour premium sealing system and the industry's lead...
Price: $192.10