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Clevite CB1214AL 77 TriMetal Rod Bearings
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Clevite CB1214AL 77 TriMetal Rod Bearings

Part #: CB1214AL
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Chrysler Clevite 77, Tri-Metal Connecting Rod Bearing fits the following:
225 cid / 3.7L H225, HA225, HB225, HC225 6-cylinder 1961-1987.
225 cid / 3.7L OHV 6-cylinder 1960-1987.

NOTE: 1976-1987, Cast Iron Crankshaft.

Clevite 77, Tri-Metal Connecting Rod Bearing is a steel backed bearing with an intermediate layer of copper-lead alloy and an electro-plated lead-base overlay. Precision undersizes are not resizable.

Clevite Connecting Rod Bearing part number: CB1214AL  (Standard)

Clevite Tri-Metal 77 Connecting Rod Bearings combine the strength of a copper-lead alloy (Bi-Metal ) layer with steel backing and an electroplated Micro Babbitt metal as an overlay.

The steel backing on the Clevite Tri-Metal 77 Connecting Rod Bearings provides strength and durability. The Bi -Metal Babbitt overlay provides the conformability and Load Capacity  The Third layer - Micro-Babbitt overlay provides the critical surface Embedability & Conformability and has far more forgiveness than bi-metal.

This ideal design has properties not even found in many original equipment bearings. and in most cases Clevite Tri-Metal 77 are an upgrade over a stock bearing plus in some cases Clevite Tri-Metal 77 are 3 times better then the manufactures original bearing.

Engineering quality engine bearings involves a number of interdependent factors. Here is how Clevite 77’s TriMetal cast copper lead material compares to bimetal bearings on the most important of these factors:

It takes Three Layers to be Number One, and Clevite 77 TriMetal are it !

Seizure Resistance:
TriMetal bearings have significantly greater seizure resistance than bi-metal bearings, by as much as 40%.
Load Capacity:
TriMetal bearings can withstand much higher loads for longer periods of time as compared to bi-metal bearings, over 60% higher.
Embedability & Conformability:
The overlay on a TriMetal bearing offers a far more forgiving surface than bi-metal bearings. These features may not be as critical during OE assembly as they once were, but they do offer additional protection that can be extremely beneficial in an engine that is poorly maintained.
Clevite 77’s TriMetal bearings not only exceed light vehicle OE durability requirements of 150,000 miles, they also exceed heavy vehicle OE durability requirements of 300,000 miles.
Because the surface layer of a TriMetal bearing adds an additional manufacturing step, Clevite regularly hold wall sizes to within .0005” as compared to a bimetal that can be held to within .0003”. This stack up of tolerances has nothing to do with quality,  suitability, or service life.
Wear Resistance:
While the silicon in the bi-metal material does contribute to slightly improved wear resistance as compared to the Babbitt surface layer of a TriMetal material, it’s at the direct expense of embedability and conformability.

Note: Not even all tri-metal engine bearings are the same. If you want the strongest engine bearings of the highest quality, ask exclusively for the original Clevite 77 Tri-Metal Engine Bearings.

Material: TM-77
Min. Std. Shaft Diameter: 2.1865"
Max. Std. Shaft Diameter: 2.1875"
Min. Vert. Oil Clearance: 0.0004"
Max. Vert. Oil Clearance: 0.0029"
Max. Wall: 0.0623"
Min. Brg. O.D. or Housing Bore: 2.3125"
Max. Brg. O.D. or Housing Bore: 2.3130"
Max. Length: 0.7200"

*Part of a combination interchange requiring multiple parts competitor parts
When installing any bearing
Bearing overlay layers are extremely soft and thin, typically .0005” on high performance parts.
These thin layers can easily be damaged or removed by abrasive media. Because the overlay layer is electroplated,
it may exhibit microscopic plating nodules that make it feel slightly rough.
The nodules are the same material as the rest of the plated layer and will quickly be flattened by the shaft.
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