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Reman Crank Kit 1998-2006 Corolla, 2000-2006 Celica, MR2, & Matrix

Reman Crank Kit 1998-2006 Corolla, 2000-2006 Celica, MR2, & Matrix

Part #: 96086
List Price: $494.98
Our Price: $224.99
You Save: $269.99

Core Price: $77.63

1998-2006 Corolla, 2000-2006 Celica, MR2, & Matrix 1794cc, 1.8L, Engine Model 1ZZFE

Crankshaft Part Number 96086

Crankshaft Supply Toyota Re-manufactured Crank Kits
Toyota Crankshafts and Crank kits made by Crankshaft Supply Inc

Crankshaft Supply Re-manufactured Stock Cranks. These Crankshaft Supply Toyota Crankshafts are thermal cleaned, steel shot blasted, bolt holes and keyways inspected, centerline checked, straightened and magnafluxed. Necks, flanges and badly worn journals are restored, bearing journal surfaces machined, polished, oil holes chamfered, thoroughly cleaned, with filleted radius to maintain OE specs. Bearings are included with Crankshaft unless noted.

 Core Return Policy - Cores returned for credit need to be sent at shippers expense in rebuild-able condition. Return cores "rust-free". We recommend you return it in the package sent to you. To insure prompt credit for your core, enclose a clear copy of your original invoice.

Crankshaft Supply has been repairing and machining Crankshafts, Rods, and more for over 50 years. Crankshaft Supply are the specialists in Crankshaft repair. . Crankshaft Supply is proud of their dedicated staff, and their dedication to your satisfaction

Crankshaft Supply Toyota Crankshaft Kits Are:

  • Thermal Cleaned 
  • Steel shot blasted 
  • Bolt holes and keyways inspected 
  • Worn journals are restored 
  • bearing journal surfaces are machined, polished 
  • Oil holes chamfered and deburred 
  • Oil line passages clean and rust inhibitor applied 
  • Crankshafts are packed and covered with two-mil poly film and encapsulated with sprayed foam 
  • Main and Rod Bearings are included,  unless noted

The poly film is a Rust inhibitor therefor you must wash the entire crank with soap and water at least 6 hours before you install it ( we recommend that you rinse your crank at least three times to remove all traces of soap)

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