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Comp Cams Pro Magnum Full Roller Rocker Arm Upgrade Kit

Comp Cams Pro Magnum Full Roller Rocker Arm Upgrade Kit

Part #: 16755-KIT
List Price: $1,204.38
Our Price: $602.19
You Save: $602.19

Comp Cams Pro Magnum Full Roller Rocker Arm Upgrade Kit for Gen III/LS1/LS6 1.75:1 Ratio with 5/16" Flat guide plates.  Kit Includes: 1.75 Pro-Magnum Rocker arms (#1375-16), 5/16 Flat Guide plates for 5/16 pushrods (#4854-8), 3/8 Rocker Studs (#4554-16), 3/8 adjusting nut (#4654-16), and Set screw for 4654 (#465SS-16).

Before Comp Cams introduced their revolutionary Pro Magnum Rocker Arms there were only two alternatives in competition rocker arms: stainless steel for strength and reliability or aluminum for light weight and low cost. With the Pro Magnum Rockers you get the best of both worlds.

Unsurpassed Strength
To ensure maximum durability under high-rpm operating conditions Pro Magnum Roller Rockers are built entirely from 8650 chromemoly steel, a material three times as strong as the aluminum used in many rockers. Pro Magnums are so tough in fact that Comp offers an industry-leading lifetime warranty on the rocker bodies themselves. And because Pro Magnums are fully rebuildable you may never have to buy another set of rockers again.

Less Weight Where It Counts:
Comps engineers used advanced computer technology (including Finite Element Analysis) to refine the Pro Magnum Rocker. They added strength where it was needed and reduced mass in low stress areas. The result: Pro Magnum Rocker Arms have less weight (5%) at the valve than most aluminum rockers. This means more rpm and valve train stability

Superior Design Equals Better Performance:
The unique design of the Pro Magnum Rocker enables Comp Cams to use a larger trunion with more needle bearings. This spreads the load more evenly and the rocker will last longer. Other features include an integral pushrod seat that ensures accuracy and saves weight, and a unique rocker design also provides plenty of clearance for most high performance valve springs.

Ideally suited for serious street, bracket racing, super classes, and circle track racing. You won't find a better roller rocker for the price.