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Comp Cams Solid/Mechanical Lifters: Oldsmobile 6cyl
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Comp Cams Solid/Mechanical Lifters: Oldsmobile 6cyl

Part #: 835-12
List Price: $187.98
Our Price: $75.03
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Comp Cams Solid/Mechanical Lifters: Oldsmobile 6cyl

Applications – Olds. 6 Cyl. 144-250; Olds. V6 2600-2800cc
Specifications – .875” diameter; 102g weight; 1.79” seat height

Comp Cams Solid/Mechanical Lifters are the highest quality solid lifters on the market today. These lifters are manufactured using the tightest tolerances in the industry to ensure peak performance in your application. The crown of the lifter is ground to a precise radius for proper break-in and optimum durability, which guarantees a long life. The oil metering band is milled to an exact depth in order to prevent too much oil from being delivered to the top of the motor, robbing precious horsepower. The lifter is the most important component between the cam profile and the valve, so make Comp Cams Solid/Mechanical Lifters your choice for maximum power and warranty protection.
Brand COMP Cams
Lifter Link Bars Included No
Lifter Offset None
Lifter Outside Diameter (in) 0.874 in.
Lifter Style Mechanical flat tappet
Link Bar None
Part Type Lifters
Product Line COMP Cams Solid Lifters
Quantity Sold as a set of 12.