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Speed-Pro Performance Hydraulic Camshaft Chevy 327 350 2000-4500 RPM
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Speed-Pro Performance Hydraulic Camshaft Chevy 327 350 2000-4500 RPM

Part #: CS1013R
List Price: $184.72
Our Price: $82.65
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Chevy 327,350,400 Small Block Hydraulic Camshaft, 

  • 2000-4500 RPM Range, 
  • 288 intake/298 exhaust  Adv Dur,
  • [email protected] 214 intake/224 exhaust, 
  • Valve Lift 443 intake/465 exhaust, 
  • Lobe C/L 112.


We consider this camshaft a "Stage II"  type camshaft, or 2 steps above stock . It will have a slight lope and is a very strong pulling camshaft.  Performance or "Z28" style springs are suggested for this camshaft. Use VS739R Sealed Power or RV943X Elgin springs for this camshaft, as both springs are good to .490 lift.

This camshaft can be purchased as a kit including cam and lifters,  just search for CL1013R in the search bar above.

Always remember to use a break-in additive.

Thanks for Looking.

Additional information.

Cam Type: Hydraulic
Duration at .050
Lobe Lift Exhuast Duration: 224
Exhaust Lobe Center: 117
Intake Duration: 214
Intake Lobe Center: 107
Lobe Seperation: 112
Exhaust Lift (Inch): 0.31
Exhuast Valve Lift 1 (Inch): 0.465
Intake Lift (Inch): 0.295
Intake Valve Lift 1 (Inch): 0.442
Exhaust Lift (MM): 7.874
Exhaust Lavle Lift 1 (MM): 11.811
Intake Lift (MM): 7.493
Intake Valve Lift 1 (MM): 11.227


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