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Hugs the windshield for a perfect wipe in all weather conditions.

ClearPlus wiper blades are joint-less and offer a bracket-less frame which has a lower profile than traditional wiper blades, which greatly reduces wind-lift, noise, vibration, and chatter.

Integrated flexor and wind spoiler keep the blade perfectly contoured across entire windshield and provide a continuous distribution of arm pressure on the windshield, significantly enhancing quality of wipe.
  • Easy to fit: Pre-installed universal adapter covers 98% of the applications. This allows trouble-free installation without the confusion of multiple adapters and without carrying multiple part numbers in inventory for each size of wiper blade.
  • High-grade, patented rubber compound for noise reduction and better quality wipe. Stainless steel backed for even pressure distribution and graphite coated for streak-free and chatter-free wipe
  • All metal frame, stainless steel splines and riveted joints for frame durability and windshield security
  • Trilingual packaging (English, French and Spanish)

All of the wiper blade sizes are now on sale at 9.99

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