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Cloyes 9-3159A Hex-A-Just True Roller Timing Set
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Cloyes 9-3159A Hex-A-Just True Roller Timing Set

Part #: 9-3159A
List Price: $279.68
Our Price: $215.21
You Save: $64.47

Chevy LS1 and LS2 engines Double Roller Cloyes Hex-a-Just® with All-Billet Steel Sprockets, made “oversized” to eliminate chain slack found in the OE and other aftermarket sets. Both sprockets are then Induction Heat-Treated, and  “Hand-Matched” at the factory with Cloyes Premium TRUE® Roller chain - giving them superior strength and precise accuracy for maximum performance.

The LS1 and LS2 Hex-a-Just® sets, like all Cloyes Hex-a-Just® sets, are easily adjustable to plus or minus 6 degrees.

This sets comes complete with spacers and instructions to work under stock covers.

Brand Cloyes Gear
Product Line Cloyes Hex-A-Just Timing Sets