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Synthetic SAE 5w30 Cat-Safe Formula (Single Quart)
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Synthetic SAE 5w30 Cat-Safe Formula (Single Quart)

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This 100% synthetic, 5w30 engine oil provides maximum wear protection in today's high-performance engines. Edelbrock Synthetic (Green) features a (CAT Safe™) formula to protect the vehicles catalyst and oxygen sensors, ensuring the vehicle's emissions and on-board diagnostics are not compromised by phosphorus additives. Maximum anti-wear protection combined with the heat resistant properties of Edelbrock Synthetic Green will keep your high performance engine running cooler, reduce friction and improve its efficiency - for maximum performance and extended engine life. Edelbrock Synthetic Green exceeds all API standards and is catalytic converter safe.
  • 100% Synthetic formulated for late model high performance engines
  • CAT Safe™ blend for use with catalytic converter equipped vehicles
  • Provides maximum anti-wear protection
  • Excellent thermal stability for high RPM and engine temperatures
  • Improves engine performance
  • Sold individually in quarts (32 oz.)