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Erickson 59350 Recovery Strap 1" x 15' 7500 lb
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Erickson 59350 Recovery Strap 1" x 15' 7500 lb

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Recovery Strap 1" x 15' foot long 7500 lb, When using simply attach loops to tow hooks on your vehicle. With vehicles that are stuck the web will stretch 10 - 15%. Once it tightens up it should sling shot the stuck vehicle out. Giving what Erickson call's Snatch-Action. If the first pull is not satisfactory do it again with more force. "Caution" always make sure the strap does not come into contact with any sharp edges (bumper, etc). Guard the web with old rags, coat, carpet, etc to prevent cutting during the pull.
As for the pull area that takes the brunt of the wear, a lot of Erickson's competitors simply twist the web or do nothing at all. Erickson goes one step further by wrapping the pull area with high tenacity nylon which is a special fibre designed to take a lot of wear. The army and navy require this material on all web products where constant use and abuse occurs. Erickson straps will last longer and you can be assured your customer is getting the best product to do the job.