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BB Chevy 396,402,454 Rod and Main Bearing Kit
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BB Chevy 396,402,454 Rod and Main Bearing Kit

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396 402 454 ROD & MAIN BEARING SET

+Rod and Main Bearing Kit.    Please specify sizes in your Paypal notes.

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General Motors Sealed Power Standard Premium A-Series Copper-lead Aluminum Alloy Connecting Rod and Main

Sealed Power A-Series bearings are the latest in a long line of exclusive Federal-Mogul innovations. These ultra-modern bi-metal aluminum alloy bearings feature a high-strength steel backing and a patented lining material consisting of aluminum, tin and a small percentage of silicon. The use of silicon significantly increases the bearing's wear resistance, even in cases when the crankshaft finish is not optimized. (In fact, A-Series bearings will actually help polish the crank in these applications.)

Modern bi-metal aluminum alloy engine bearings such as new A-Series bearings from Federal-Mogul are the product of choice for most vehicle manufacturers. Moreover, the shift to A-Series bearings can now be seen in the aftermarket, where production engine buliders in particular have embraced the exclusive benefits of this new technology. The leading benefits of using A-Series bearings include:

  • Dramatically reduced or eliminated bearing wear
  • Improved seizure resistance
  • Minimized debris embedment in overplate (embedded debris causes scoring of the shaft)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Exceptional control of wall variance (40% less than tri-metal materials)
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Unaffected by inadequate crankshaft finish

The Federal-Mogul Sealed Power® brand of engine bearings offers advanced technologies that ensure performance and durability within virtually any automotive or light-duty truck engine.

The Sealed Power brand combines advanced materials and patented designs to meet the demands of specific applications for rebuilt engines. Sealed Power bearings have application-specific lining materials and are precision fit for endurance.

Sealed Power A-Series bearings are the latest in bearing technology from Federal-Mogul, the world leader in engine bearings. These revolutionary bearings, manufactured using aluminum tin alloy with silicon, are the choice of most OEs.

Rod Bearings:

Federal-Mogul's Sealed Power® brand offers a complete line of rod bearings as well as engine-bearing lining materials and designs that match the true operating requirements of each application.

Statistically controlled production (SPC) processes guarantee strict dimensional tolerances that provide exceptional quality and optimal performance.
As the world’s premier bearing manufacturer, Federal-Mogul is dedicated to excellence that extends to every Sealed Power bearing. Environmentally friendly A-series bored aluminum bearings are the latest in exclusive Federal-Mogul innovations. These ultramodern bimetal bearings offer increased wear resistance

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