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Crankshaft Polishing
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Crankshaft Polishing

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Crankshaft Polishing charge, your crankshaft can now be polished on our STORM-VULCAN-KOTAFIN 135A Crankshaft Polisher

We use 30 and 20 micron cork belts to do the job

Crankshaft Polishing, Are You Smooth Enough?

It is more important than ever for engine builders to be as perfect, or near perfect, as possible when it comes to surface finish requirements.

We Polish the Crankshaft  in the opposite direction then it was ground This will break off more of these ferrite burrs, leaving a cleaner smoother finish as well. Ferrite burrs, if not removed, can cause problems later on because they can wipe away the very important oil film and cause a bearing failure.

Polish the Crankshaft  in the opposite direction then it was ground Not all engine builders agree this is necessary for stock engine, but we do it because it will remove the sharp edges of the ferrite burrs leftover from the grinding process and leave what is called a "favorable" finish.

The main goal in polishing any crankshaft is to achieve the smoothest, near flattest surface as possible. When crankshaft are properly lubricated they turn and rotate very smoothly, Polish the Crankshaft does two things: minimizes wear and more importantly it minimizes heat and fatigue. You want valleys for lubrication but also plateau peaks, not sharp peaks, to handle load.