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Ford 351W Truck 1985-7/21/1986 4/B or EFI Master Kit
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Ford 351W Truck 1985-7/21/1986 4/B or EFI Master Kit

Part #: EK0517K
List Price: $703.63
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Ford 351W Truck 1985-7/21/1986 4/B or EFI Master Kit 


  • Melling stock style Camshaft
  • Federal Mogul stock style Lifters
  • Melling stock style Timing set
  • Federal Mogul stock style Pistons
  • Perfect Circle stock style Piston Rings
  • Federal Mogul stock style Rod Bearings
  • Federal Mogul stock style Main Bearings
  • Durabond stock style Cam Bearings
  • Melling stock style Oil Pump
  • Melling stock style Frost Plugs
  • Victor stock style Gasket Set

Please note… Occasionally we will substitute top quality brand names in our engine kits. Some examples are Melling & Sealed Power, Perfect Circle & Hastings, Clevite & Federal Mogul. Thank You.





351W Truck 4/B,EFI


Required Options:
*Rod Brgs:
*Main Brgs:
Upgrade Options:
moly rings:
MOLY RINGS Perfect Circle 40564CP $13.74
Felpro # 260-1170 $22.46
Cloyes True Roller # 9-1138 $17.47
Clevite Rod Brgs:
Clevite Rod Brg CB831P $27.98
Clevite Main Brgs:
Clevite Main Brgs MS1432P $24.05
Speed Pro # CS1066R 1000-4000 RPM 197/209 dur .416/.444 lift 114 lobe center (after market chip may be required with computer) $18.09
Speed Pro # CS1084R 1500-4000 RPM 204/214 dur .448/.472 lift 112 lobe center (may require aftermarket chip) $3.97
Oil Pump:
Melling High Volume $21.17
Set of Pistons:
Delete set of Pistons ($32.55)
BRM Ball Hone & Brush:
GB41824 Std Duty 240 Grit Ball Hone $48.99
GBD41424 Heavy Duty 240 Grit Ball Hone $69.99
10A412 Washing Brush $19.99

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