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Chevy 5.3L Vin-T 2004-2007 Chevy 5.3T 2004-2007 Master Kit (NEW LOWER PRICE)
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Chevy 5.3L Vin-T 2004-2007 Chevy 5.3T 2004-2007 Master Kit (NEW LOWER PRICE)

Part #: EK1045H
List Price: $2,240.31
Our Price: $969.99
You Save: $1,270.32

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Chevy 5.3T 2004-2007 Master Kit 


  • New Sealed Power Roller Cam and Lifters
  • Melling stock style Timing set
  • Speed Pro Hypereutectic Coated Skirt Pistons
  • Premium Moly Piston Rings
  • King Rod Bearings
  • King Main Bearings
  • Durabond stock style Cam Bearings
  • Melling stock style Oil Pump (m295 available separately, click here)
  • Evergreen MLS  Gasket Set

Please note… Occasionally we will substitute top quality brand names in our engine kits. Some examples are Melling & Sealed Power, Perfect Circle & Hastings, Clevite & Federal Mogul. Thank You.


As with most late model applications, New Torque To Yield Head Bolts are recommended! 

Check out this new Tool made specially for this type of engine.  Watch The Video!  MPL101






Required Options:
Upgrade Options:
Set of 8 Intake valves 1.89" 01934 $53.36
Set of 8 Exhaust Valves 1.551" 01935 $63.84
Valve Springs:
Stock Conical Valve Springs 2.078 for 2004 SBI 160-1415 $48.96
Stock Conical Valve Springs 2.126 2005-2007 #160-1488 $64.80
Oil Pump Pickup Screen:
New Oil Pump Screen 324s Melling $94.56
Airtex New Water Pump:
New Airtex Water Pump 2004-2006 wp9409 $95.97
New Airtex Water Pump 2007 & Up wp1106 $151.88
Pre-Lube Engine Oiler:
Melling Engine Pre-lube Tank MPL101 $237.31
Performance Camshaft Upgrade (choose 1):
XFI RPM XR259HR 800-5800 RPM .515/.522 lift Very strong torque/good mileage 54-408-11 must use 26915cs-kit $289.29
XFI RPM XR259HR 1200- 6000 RPM .522/.529 lift Good torque/strong midrange 54-412-11 must use 26915cs-kit $289.29
Valve Spring Kit:
26915cs-kit Beehive Spring/Keepers/Retainers,Seals all in one kit! 1.290"bottom 1.055" top springs $361.11
Performance Timing Chain and Gears:
Comp Cams Performance Single Roller Adjustable Timing set w/ billet steel gears and torrington bearing #3158kt $180.35
Push Rods:
New Push Rods Stock Length 7.397 $31.84
New Hi-Tech .080" Wall seamless chromemoly push rods 7.40" length 7955-16 $144.27
High volume Oil Pump:
10% Higher Pressure Oil Pump 10295 $59.01
15% Higher Pressure Oil Pump 10296 $96.64
Head Bolts Recommended:
ES72220 2nd Design Head bolts torque to yield recommended! $51.98
Es72173 Early 2004 - 1st Design Head bolts recommended! $43.32
Upgrade to Fel Pro:
Upgrade to Fel Pro Gasket Set HS26191PT-2 $136.68
Cam Retaining Plate:
Cam Housing Gasket with Plate for LS engines Includes bolts 61220G $17.95
Harmonic Balancer Install Tool:
66519 Proform Harmonic Balancer Install Tool $50.18
Timing Cover Bolts:
Stainless Steel Timing Cover Bolts 60900G $10.19
Rear Main Plate Bolts:
Stainless Steel Rear Cover Bolts 60910G $15.31
Stainless Steel Oil Pan Bolts:
Stainless Steel Oil Pan Bolts 60850G $20.43

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