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Chevy 327 1962-1967 Street Performance Master Kit
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Chevy 327 1962-1967 Street Performance Master Kit

Part #: EK1053
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Performance, Performance, Performance!  If you want it, this kit will give it to you.  All high quality, high performance brand name parts separates  this kit from the competition.

Chevy 327 1962-1967 Street Performance Master Kit


  • Premium Moly Rings
  • Speed Pro Hypereutectic Flattop Pistons w/ 2 valve reliefs
  • Clevite  Rod Bearings
  • Clevite  Main Bearings
  • Clevite  Cam Bearings
  • Melling Hi-Volume Oil Pump
  • Speed-Pro Performance Camshaft (Of Your Choice Below)
  • Cloyes True Roller Timing Set
  • Melling Steel Frost Plugs
  • Sealed Power / Fel-Pro Engine Overhaul Gasket Set

  • Melling High Volume Oil Pumps requires the use of a steel-pinned intermediate shaft #IS55E.  If you need one, add it to your kit below. Also Select your camshaft Below and call or email if you have any questions.

    Note.  1962 thru 1967 are typically small journal and 1968 and 1969 are large journal.

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    Required Options:
    *Please Pick Your Speed-Pro Performance Camshaft:
    *Main Brgs:
    *Rod Brgs:
    Upgrade Options:
    Pistons Upgrade:
    Speed-Pro Forged Flattop Pistons L2165F $322.80
    Speed-Pro Forged .125 Dome Press Pin Pistons L2166nf $414.00
    Recommended Addons:
    Melling IS55E Heavy Duty Oil Pump Shaft $7.99
    Clevite Bearing Guard Assembly Lubricant 8 oz Bottle $6.99
    Cam/Lifter break-in additive $6.99
    Lubriplate No. 105 white Motor Assembly Grease $6.99
    Upgrade to Brass Frost Plugs:
    Upgrade from Steel to Brass Freeze plugs $12.16
    Car Tech Manual:
    Car Tech SA26 How to Rebuild Your SBC $19.97
    Add set of Valve Keepers:
    Add set of Valve Keepers 11/32" 7 Deg. Stock Hardened SS555HD $12.99
    Cam Lock Plate:
    Add Cam Lock Plate from Comp Cams # 4605 $5.99
    Connecting Rod Addition:
    Now add 3/8" cap screw forged cap screw rods # 2570020p for presssed pin $254.99