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350M Truck 1986-1988 VIN Code M Master Kit
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350M Truck 1986-1988 VIN Code M Master Kit

Part #: EK1094
List Price: $598.07
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You Save: $326.22

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350M Truck 1986-1988 VIN Code M Master Kit 


  • Speed Pro stock style Camshaft
  • Speed Pro stock style Lifters
  • Melling Double Row Heavy Duty Timing set
  • Silvolite stock style Pistons
  • Hastings Nodular Iron Cast stock style Piston Rings
  • Federal Mogul stock style Rod Bearings
  • Federal Mogul stock style Main Bearings
  • Durabond stock style Cam Bearings
  • Melling stock style Oil Pump
  • Melling stock style Frost Plugs
  • Victor stock style Gasket Set

We have more camshaft options available, just call or email.

Please note… Occasionally we will substitute top quality brand names in our engine kits. Some examples are Melling & Sealed Power, Perfect Circle & Hastings, Clevite & Federal Mogul. Thank You.




350M Truck Carb


Required Options:
*Main Brgs:
*Rod Brgs:
Upgrade Options:
Clevite Brgs:
Clevite77 Rod and Main Bearing Upgrade $24.49
Cloyes double roller 3 key-way # C3023XSP $8.00
Cloyes Tru Roller Performanace set 9-1100sp $17.35
Oil Pump Shaft w/ Pinned Steel Shaft:
Oil Pump shaft w/pinned steel sleeve $7.99
Oil Pump:
High Volume (must use oil pump shaft with steel pin sleeve) $14.41
Premium Fel Pro Gaskets:
Premium Fel Pro Gaskets #260-1268 $25.69
Moly Rings:
moly with deep oil ring goove .200 used with aftermarket pistons $13.58
Comp 800-4800 RPM # 12-205-2 252/252 adv duration .425/.425 lift Not Computer Compatible $105.00
Comp 1200-5200 RPM #12-206-2 260/260 adv duration .475/.475 lift Valve springs required changed Not Computer Compatible $105.00
Comp 1500-5500 RPM #12-210-2 268/268 adv duration .454/.454 lift Valve Springs require changed Not Computer Compatible $105.00
Speed Pro # CS1014R 1500-4000 RPM 278/288 adv duration .420/.443 lift (computer ok, good for towing) $28.22
Speed Pro # CS1013R 2000-4500 RPM 288/298 duration .443/.465 lift (computer ok,may require aftermarket chip) $33.11
Comp LIfters:
Comp Lifters 812-16 To Match Your Comp Camshaft $59.28
Flat Top Pistons
Dished Top Pistons
Brass freeze plugs MPE100BR $12.12
Hypereutectic pistons Sealed Power H423DCP dished $40.76
Hypereutectic pistons Sealed Power H345DCP Flattop $29.64

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