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383 Chevy Stroker Kit With 6" Rods
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383 Chevy Stroker Kit With 6" Rods

Part #: EK1803C
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383 Stroker w/ 6" Rod

The following stroker kit includes:
  • CNC Machined Hypereutectic Flattop Pistons
  • Speed Pro Moly Rings
  • Mahle/Clevite  Rod and Main Bearings
  • 6" Scat Forged Bushed I-Beam Rod
  • Scat 9000 Series Knife Edged Crankshaft
  • IMPORTANT>>>See Upgrades below for Cap Screw Rods!

Ring Information:

  • Speed Pro Moly Racing Rings
  • Economically Priced
  • 1/16 Top ring beveled for high RPM sealing
    Race proven design
  • 1/16 taper faced 2nd ring
  • Excellent oil control to prevent detonation
  • SS-50 stainless steel oil control ring
Piston Information:
  • CNC Machined Hypereutectic Coated Skirts for 383 Stroker Based engine. 
  • Matched set of 8 for 6"  Rods (4.00 bore x 3.750 Stroke)
  • Flat 2 reliefs, press or floating pin ,coated skirt,Tapered lightweight pin. 350 engines using a 400 SBC crank for use with 6.0 rods. Flat top 2 valve reliefs Compression dist 1.130, Deck Clearance .020, Skirt Clearance .0010, Compression ratio  with 64.cc  Cylinder Head is 10.53 to 1
  • Ring dimensions 1/16, 1/16, 3/16 ;

Crankshaft information:
  • Aero-wing counterweights
  • Straight shot oil holes
  • Lightening holes in all rod throws 
  • Precision ground and micropolished
  • Designed and made from SCAT's exclusive space-age 9000 material (Stronger than Nodular Iron)
  • Internal Balanced for use with 350 Flywheel/Flexplate and Balancer

Connecting Rod Information:

  • Set of 8 Scat  6.0" long Bushed style I Beam Connecting Rods
  • Made with the highest quality 4340 material
  • Bronze bushed for full floating pin
  • Shipped in sized and balanced set with ARP Wave Loc bolts installed. 

Rod and Main Bearing Information:

Clevite77 Tri-Metal Rod bearings have been the industry standard since the first patent on the cast, copper, lead composition decades ago. The success and notoriety Clevite77 has earned on the track proves the commitment to excellence maintained by all who contribute to the Clevite77 brand. This track success provides Clevit 77 the ultimate proving ground for technologies that yield results in all passenger car and light vehicle applications.

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Scat Forged Stock Replacement I-Beam Connecting Rods Chevy SB 3/8 Bolt383 Stroker for 6" rod Flattop 2 valve reliefs Rac 383 Stroker Race Piston 8-H124CL30 for 6" Rod, 3 3/4" stroker Flattop

R8902 - Sealed Power Performance Moly Ring 4.00Cast Pro Comp Stroker Crank

 1833RMC - Clevite 77 Rod and Main Bearings for 350 Chevy


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Required Options:
Upgrade Options:
Harmonic Balancer:
6 3/4" Int Balanced Street Performance Balancer 24262 $72.99
8" Int Balanced Street Performance Balancer 24265 $73.99
Pro Sport 10,000 RPM 6.61 Inch Internal balance #34262 $166.85
Pro Sport 10,000 RPM 8 #34265 $184.92
Flex Plate:
Scat FP-350-SFI SFI 168 Tooth Flexplate Internal Balance $71.17
FM Super Duty Race Bearings:
FM 8-7100ch Super Duty Performance Rod Bearings $29.96
FM Super Duty Main Bearing:
FM 139M Super Duty Performance Main Bearings $20.45
Custom Balance:
Custom Balance This rotating Assembly.. Includes Heavy Metal Slug $200.00
Cap Screw Rods:
26000 Scat Forged I Beam 3/8 Cap Screw Rod Upgrade (Cap Screws Recomended for clearance) $30.26
26000716 Scat Forged I Beam Cap Screw w/ 7/16 Bolt upgrade (Cap Screws Recomended for clearance) $112.16
Camshaft Bearing:
Add Cam Bearings CH8 Durabond $22.85
Add a set of Clevite Cam Bearings SH290S $28.22
Add a set of Performance Cam Bearings CHP8 $45.77
Fel Pro Gaskets:
Fel Pro Performance Overhaul Gasket Set 260-3013 Including: 1003 head gaskets, 1206 & 1254 Perf Intake sets and 1803 Oil Pan Gasket to 1980 $121.57
Premium Fel Pro Gaskets #260-1000 to 1980 $54.29
Premium Fel Pro Gaskets # 260-1045 1981 -1985 RH dipstick $59.71
Oil Pump Options:
M55 Stock Volume Oil Pump $32.35
High Volume Oil Pump 24% additional volume M55HV (order IS55E Pinned Sleeve Shaft seperately) $45.37
High Volume Race Pump w/ extended shaft 10555 $142.57
Hi Volume Anti-Cavitation Race Pump with pinned intermedite shaft included 10555c $156.70
Intermediate Shaft w/ Pinned Steel Sleeve IS55E $11.27
Small Block Chevy Engine Buildups Manual HP1400:
How to build small-block Chevy engines for maximum performance HP1400 $29.70

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