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350 Chevy (to 1980 ) Street Performance Engine Master Kit
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350 Chevy (to 1980 ) Street Performance Engine Master Kit

Part #: EK1900
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350 Chevy (to 1980 for use with 5.7 Rods)  Street Performance Master Kit

Notice!  This engine kit is built with Mahle/Clevite Tri-metal Bearings!


  • Speed Pro Performance Camshaft
  • Speed Pro Hydraulic Lifters
  • Premium Moly Piston Rings
  • Speed Pro Hypereutectic Coated Skirt Flattop Pistons (for Press or Bushed Rods)
  • Mahle/Clevite Rod Bearings
  • Mahle/Clevite  Main Bearings
  • Mahle/Clevite Cam Bearings
  • Cloyes True Roller Timing Components
  • Melling High Volume Oil Pump
  • Melling Frost Plugs
  • Sealed Power/Fel Pro Overhaul Gasket Set

Please note… Occasionally we will substitute top quality brand names in our engine kits. Some examples are Melling & Sealed Power, Perfect Circle & Hastings, Clevite & Federal Mogul. Thank You.

The pistons in this kit are # H345DCP Speed Pro Flattops and they can be used as a full floating assembly too.  Just order 16 LR63 lock rings with your kit.   Also, if you require a new set of bushed rods, we have Scat Forged I Beam Bushed rods (w/ ARP bolts) as part number 35700.


About #10555 Race Pump Upgrade

  • High Volume performance upgrade for the 10550 oil pump
  • 25% increase in volume over stock oil pump.
  • The 10555 is manufactured with the drive and idler shafts extended to allow for additional support in the cover eliminating dynamic shaft deflection at increased RPM levels.
  • The cover is doweled to the pump housing to assure alignment of the shaft bores.
  • Screw in plug retains relief valve spring instead of pin.
  • Relief hole in cover uses screw in plug instead of pressed cup plug.
  • All bolts are self locking socket heads, with the wrench supplied.
  • The housing and cover are CNC machined and manganese phosphate coated.
  • Includes intermediate shaft with steel guide.
  • Uses both 3/4” bolt on or press in screen.
  • The lower pressure spring is included to reduce pressure if desired.
  • Upgrade below!

 http://www.jegs.com/images/photos/600/689/689-10555.jpg#10555 Click on the Oil Pump Photo  to "Watch the Video!"



Now Available!   Wiseco Flattop Pistons with .015 taller compression distance...

just click on the upgrade below!

Wiseco Forged Aluminum racing pistons (n/a in .020 oversize)

  • Wiseco Forged Pistons w/ 2 valve reliefs 
    • Forged 2618 Aluminum Hi Performance Material 
    • 5/64"  5/64" 3/16" Ring grooves to use an economical ring pack
    • Spirolox retainers like all true Hi Perf Pistons
    • .015" Taller Compression Distance than most other brands. 1.575" Compression Height
    • Piston weight approx 536 grams
    • Piston Pin 122 grams
    • Made in USA







Required Options:
Upgrade Options:
New Scat Crankshaft:
Add New 9000 series cast crankshaft 910442 $226.00
Add New 4340 Forged Crankshaft 435010 $745.00
Cam Lock Plate:
Add Cam Lock Plate from Comp Cams # 4605 $5.99
Upgrade to Forged Wiseco Flattops:
Add Wiseco Forged Flattops KP422AS .015 taller NOT available in .020 (includes spirolox) $314.22
Melling Racing Pump 10555. Check out the features above! $81.04
Hi Rev Anti-Pump Up LIFTERS are recomended whenever a camshaft is expected to rev beyond 5500 RPM $20.64
35700P Scat Forged I Beam 5.7 Rods- Pressed Fit $296.00
35700 Scat Forged I Beam 5.7 Rods- Bushed for Full Floating Fit $304.00
Lock Rings:
16-Lock Rings for Floating Pins LR63.-Required for Bushed Rod use. $31.84
Oil Pump Shaft:
Oil Pump Shaft w/ pinned steel sleeve (must be used with high volume pump) IS55E $7.99
Harmonic Balancer:
8" Int Balanced Street Performance Balancer 24265 $75.17
Pro-Sport SFI 8" Int Balance 34265 $160.80
6 3/4" Int Balanced Street Performance Balancer 24262 $73.19
Pro-Sport SFI 6 3/4 " Neutral Balance 24262 $145.09
6" lightweight Street Performance Balancer 21262 $73.19
Powerforce+ Lightweight 6" SFI Rated to 10,000 rpm #90010 $154.99
Valve Springs:
16-Z28 Style Valve Springs stock diameter to .490 Lift RV943x $47.84
16-Springs to .550 lift, stock diameter RV1943xs $47.84
16-Comp Cams Springs, Stock Diameter to .490 lift 981-16 $66.99
16-Comp Cams Double Valve Springs up to .555 lift, machine work required 986-16 $89.99
Chrome Moly Spring Retainers:
Set of Chrome Moly Spring Retainers for stock dia. springs and 7 deg. angle 97112 $43.99
Set of Comp Cams Spring retainers for Dble Valve Springs 10 deg angle 740-16 $54.99
Set of SBI 2.02 intake and 1.60 exhaust valves #202160 $79.99
Full set of Speed Pro 2.02 Intake/1.60 Exhaust Valves $169.99
Performance Gasket Set:
Switch to Fel Pro Performance Gasket set w/ 1003 head gaskets, perf intake set, perf oil pan set-#260-3013 $48.64
Free NAP Beanie Bear with this Kit:
Free Northern Auto Parts Beanie Bear with this kit! # NAP-BEAR
Car Tech Manual:
Car Tech SA26 How To Rebuild The Small Block Chevrolet: Stock and High-Performance Rebuilds $19.97

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