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350 Chevy (to 1980 using 5.7 Rods)Master Performance Kit w/ Crankshaft
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350 Chevy (to 1980 using 5.7 Rods)Master Performance Kit w/ Crankshaft

Part #: EK1901
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350 Chevy (to 1980 using 5.7 Rods)  Master Kit


  • Speed Pro Performance Camshaft
  • Federal Mogul Lifters
  • Moly Piston Rings
  • Speed Pro Hypereutectic Coated Skirt Flattop  Pistons
  • Clevite77 Rod Bearings
  • Clevite77  Main Bearings
  • Clevite77 Cam Bearings
  • Cloyes true Roller Timing Components
  • Melling High Volume Oil Pump
  • Melling Frost Plugs
  • Fel Pro  Gasket Set
  • NEW STD size Scat 9000 series Cast Steel Crankshaft

Please note… Occasionally we will substitute top quality brand names in our engine kits. Some examples are Melling & Sealed Power, Perfect Circle & Hastings, Clevite & Federal Mogul. Thank You.


Notice..... Camshafts revving beyond 5500 rpm require hi rev lifters!

Hi volume oil pumps require a steel intermediate shaft with a pinned steel sleeve...see # IS55E below.

The Scat Forged I Beam Rods listed below are an excellent addition... NEW rods with ARP bolts and all the weight balanced.


The pistons in this kit are # H345acp Speed Pro Flattops and they can be used as full floating.  Just order 16 LR63 lock rings with your kit.   Also, if you require a new set of rods, we have Scat Forged I Beam Bushed rods as part number 35700.

A quick note about 10555 Melling Pump as an Option... This pump is 25% more volume than stock and has extended drive and idler shaft for additional support in the cover eliminating dynamic shaft deflection at high RPMs. It also includes a performance intermediate shaft with a pinned steel sleeve. See Below.
Check out this handy tool, now available.

MPL101-NAP  for the Lowest Price EVER!

•  Eliminates dry starts after engine rebuilds

•  Eliminates initial wear on engine components

•  Can be used on all internal combustion engines

The newest addition to Northern Auto's offering is a pre-lube tank.  This design is necessary because of the inability to prime the oiling system in today’s modern engine with the oil pump mounted over the crankshaft. 

Here is some more details about the tank: 
  • The size of the whole unit is about ½ the size of your gas grill propane tank. 
  • Normal engine oil is used to fill the tank.  (use the oil that will be used to break in the engine)
  • The tank will hold 4 quarts maximum.  Usually 3 quarts is sufficient to fill the engine. The tank even has a dipstick.
  • The tank is then pressurized using your air  compressor.
  • Included with the unit are the most popular two adaptors to fit most engines.  1/8th x 1/8th and 1/8th x ¼ are the two sizes included.
  • The adaptor is installed on the engine and then screwed to the hose from the tank.
  • The fill vale is turned and in a very short period of time oil will be flowing from the valvetrain area of the engine. The prime is complete.  Fill the engine with oil, complete the build and start an engine that will live for a long time.  You will not suffer from dry starts.

 Now available as an upgrade in this kit ..... Aero-Winged Counterweight Crankshaft # 935010


                         1:6 Scale... 84026 Liberty Classics Great Gift Idea! Great Detail!

click here for more Die Cast Engine Models






Required Options:
Upgrade Options:
Upgrade to Melling Racing Oil Pump w/ extended shaft #10555 $79.46
Hi Rev / Anti-Pump Up Lifters:
Hi Rev Anti-Pump Up LIFTERS $55.92
Scat New Connecting Rods:
35700P Scat Forged I Beam 5.7 Rods- Pressed Fit $259.99
35700 Scat Forged I Beam 5.7 Rods- Bushed for Full Floating Fit $264.99
Lock Rings:
16-Lock Rings for Floating Pins LR63-Required if you are using this kit as full floating assembly! $25.60
Harmonic Balancer:
8" Int Balanced Street Performance Balancer 24265 $68.99
Powerforce+ 8 inch Balancer to 10,000 rpm # 90002 $160.99
6 3/4" Int Balanced Street Performance Balancer 24262 $67.99
Powerforce+ 6 3/4 inch Balancer to 10,000 rpm # 90000 $137.99
Valve Springs:
16-Z28 Style Valve Springs stock diameter to .490 Lift RV943x $47.84
16-Springs to .550 lift, stock diameter RV1943xs $47.84
16-Comp Cams Springs, Stock Diameter to .490 lift 981-16 $66.99
16-Comp Cams Double Valve Springs up to .555 lift, machine work required 986-16 $89.99
Chrome Moly Spring Retainers:
Set of Chrome Moly Spring Retainers for stock dia. springs 97112 w/ 7 Deg Lock Angle $43.99
Set of Comp Cams Spring retainers for Dble Valve Springs 10 deg angle 740-16 $54.99
Pro Comp Performance Aero-Wing Crankshaft:
Upgrade to 935010 Profiled Pro Comp Crankshaft $39.00
Add Aluminum Intake Manifold-price reduced w/ kit:
Add Edelbrock Performer EPS Intake Mfld # 2701 idle to 5500 rpm $125.24
Add Edelbrock Performer RPM Mfld # 7101 for 1500 to 6500 rpm $179.78
Add Edelbrock Torker II Mfld # 5001 for 2500-6500 rpm $163.11
Add Edelbrock Victor Jr Mfld # 2975 for 3500 - 8000 rpm $258.11
Engine Paint:
Add 2 Cans of Dupli-Color Chevrolet Orange engine enamel # DE1620 $11.98

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