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Chevy 383 Complete Street Performance Engine Kit
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Chevy 383 Complete Street Performance Engine Kit

Part #: EK1920
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383 Chevy (to 1980 using 5.7 Rods) Master Kit


  • Speed Pro Performance Camshaft
  • Speed Pro Lifters
  • Premium Moly Piston Rings
  • Speed Pro Hypereutectic Coated Skirt Pistons
  • Clevite77 Rod Bearings
  • Clevite77 Main Bearings
  • Clevite77 Cam Bearings
  • Cloyes true roller style Timing Components
  • Melling high volume Oil Pump
  • Melling Frost Plugs
  • Sealed Power/Felpro Gasket Set

Please note…We have been selling this kit for many years.  It is quality engine components all the way!  Occasionally we will substitute top quality brand names in our engine kits. Some examples are Melling & Sealed Power, Perfect Circle & Hastings, Clevite & Federal Mogul. Thank You for taking a look.    ** SAMPLE  IMAGE **


Check the Related Items below for a Crankshaft, and flywheel  and remember, this kit is not balanced.




383 2 piece rear seal using 5.7 rods not included


Required Options:
*Piston Style:
Flattop 10.4 - 1 w/ 64cc heads
Dished 9.67 - 1 w/ 64cc head
Upgrade Options:
Melling Racing Pump #10555 Includes Shaft! $111.99
Hi Rev / Anti-Pump Up Lifters:
Hi Rev Anti-Pump Up LIFTERS $55.92
Scat New Connecting Rods:
25700P Scat Prostock Lightweight Forged I Beam 5.7 Rods for Pressed Pins $258.99
25700 Scat Prostock Lightweight Forged I Beam 5.7 Rods Bushed for Full Floating $274.99
Std Transmission Flywheel:
400 flywheel for manual transmission #FW102 for 12" clutch $165.66
Automatic Transmission Flexplate:
400 Scat SFI approved automatic transmission flexplate #7020 $56.99
Harmonic Balancer:
8" External Balance Street Performance Balancer 24266 $76.99
Professional Products balancer 90003 SFI approved for a 400 external $184.26

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